This thread seems interesting? Save it for later! Love a thread? Bookmark it and re-read it as may times as you want! Find them all in the 3rd tab.

Bookmark a thread

You can bookmark a thread from different places:

  • From the home, there is a bookmark button under the thread cover.
  • From a thread, at the bottom right.
  • If the bookmark button is empty then it’s not bookmarked. If it’s filled in black then it’s bookmaked.

    Offline bookmarks

    Premium users can read their bookmarks offline. Bookmarks are stored locally on your phone. You can retrieve them whenever you want and read them in the subway, the plane, or any place without an internet connection.

    Bookmark from Twitter

    When you see a thread on Twitter you want to save for later, bookmark it from our extension. You can then read it whenever you want from Threader. If you are premium, you can also read it offline.

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