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How to use Threader’s browser bookmarklet

How does it work?

Threader’s bookmarklet is an easy way to compile a Twitter thread in one click. From a thread on Twitter, click on the bookmarklet; it will open the thread in its compiled version on Threader.

The thread will be added to your compiled threads. Feel free to also bookmark it.

If you click on the bookmarklet from any other page than a Twitter thread, a popup will prompt with a text field to copy/paste a Twitter link. If it is recognized as a thread link, it will send you to the compiled thread on Threader.


Threader’s bookmarklet can run from any modern browser and is very easy to install.

Threader Compiler

  • Drag and drop the button above to your browser’s bookmarks bar.
  • Be sure to be logged in on Threader.
  • Click on one of the tweets composing a thread on Twitter.
  • Click the bookmarklet to compile the thread.

Drag the button to your bookmarks bar.

Use the bookmarklet from a Twitter thread.

Use the bookmarklet from anywhere by copy/pasting a Twitter thread link.

The bookmarklet is an alternative option to compile Twitter threads. You can also use our Twitter bot and our iOS extension.

You can contact us for any question you may have at [email protected] or by DM on Twitter.

Download the iOS version of Threader.