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Timeline threads

One of our favorite feature at Threader is to be able to retrieve the threads from your Twitter timeline. No need to scroll your Twitter feed to find what the people you follow wrote in the long form.

Access the threads from my Twitter timeline

The timeline is a premium feature, so you need to get a premium subscription first if you want to try it out.

On iOS, if you created a Threader account with Facebook you need to connect your Twitter account. Go on your timeline on the second tab and click “Connect my Twitter account”. Follow the instructions. If everything went well, Threader will search for threads through your timeline. It will take a few minutes the first time, so feel free to come back later.

My timeline if empty or doesn't update

Your timeline automatically updates regurlarly during the day. There is also a pull to refresh you can use.

If you don’t have new threads displayed, it can be due to several reasons:

  • You don’t follow enough people who write threads, so there is no new threads to display.
  • The first time Threader gets your timeline, it can take some time. Wait for a few minutes and come back later.
  • You refreshed manually your timeline many times (with the pull to refresh) and you reached the API Twitter limit, which means you need to wait for a bit before being able to make new calls to their API. Be patient, try again later.

You can contact us for any question you may have at [email protected] or by DM on Twitter.

Download the iOS version of Threader.