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🏳️‍🌈Andrew D. Jankowski🏳️‍🌈@AndrewJank freelance journalist arrested while protest reporting / bylines w/@wweek @portlandmercury @orartswatch @pomomagazine / he & they / artist+curator

Jules Boykoff@JulesBoykoff Political scientist. Author of NOlympians (@Fernpub) & Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics (@VersoBooks). Poetry lover.

HydroxyCoreyQuinn@QuinnyPig Chief Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group. Father to @QuinnyPiglet. he/him. Get my weekly snarky take on the latest AWS news:

Seattle Protest Network@SEAProtestNet SPN is a group of volunteer citizen journalists that came together to amplify and document the 2020 Seattle protests. Contact: [email protected]

Nikkei Asian Review@NAR The latest headlines from the Nikkei Asian Review. We tell untold stories about Asia, from Asia.

SER@societyforepi The Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) was established as a forum for sharing the latest in epidemiologic research.

Solvej Schou@Solvej_Schou Musician-writer. #QuietForTooLong LA Weekly album of the week. @ArtCenterEdu Senior Writer. Barnard @USCAnnenberg alum. x AP. #WomenWhoRock essays. Tweets mine.

CPR #NYCBudgetJustice - Change the NYPD@changethenypd Campaign to increase NYPD accountability/transparency & build a future of safety for all without relying on police. Updates on all things NYPD. RT ≠ endorsement

Laffy@GottaLaff Weekly “My Tweet Spot” with @NicoleSandler radio show, Progressive Voices Network. Co-editor + post at Laffy's Place. I tweet a lot & no, I'm not Nicole Sandler

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