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Invariant Perspective@InvariantPersp1 What are the inviolable constraints on the Global Financial Markets and the Global Economy?

Nathan Grubaugh@NathanGrubaugh Associate Professor @YaleSPH. Studies 🦟🦠 transmission, evolution, and emergence. PI of @covidCT. Will sequence for 🍺 (and funding).

David Boulware, MD MPH@boulware_dr Practicing infectious disease doc; budding mycologist; interested in cryptococcal & TB meningitis. Led clinical trials for Covid. Eagle Scout. Prof of Medicine

Gregg Gonsalves@gregggonsalves I work @Yale focusing on operations research/epidemiology for infectious disease. In the real world: been an AIDS activist for ~30 yrs. Assoc. Prof YSPH.

Mathew Dyors (HammerSpikeEvolution)#LibertyProject@DyorsMathew Listening. Science. Equitable global vaccination. Elimination strategies. #NoPASC. Warning about #LongCovid after breakthroughs. Source cluster TTI & clean air.

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