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There is no such thing as abortion extremism

There is no pro choice abortion extremism, to say that means you are incapable of understanding grade 5 reading level or are purposely and malignantly spreading lies about abortion 2

This right wing fantasy of pro-choice abortion extremism will only be silenced (somewhat) by national talk shows taking it on. The right is counting on discomfort about abortion and the inability of political pundits to talk intelligently about abortion 3.

So once again I offer to do any National TV news cast/morning show/political show to help discuss abortion truthfully 4

People like @xan_desanctis are offensive. Do they think that women are getting 37 week abortions with their pal because they saw a 3rd tri BOGO special at the strip mall advertised on Insta? 5

Canada has complete abortion lawlessness. Literally, no abortion law. They have a lower abortion rate than the United States.
Want fewer abortions? Universal health care, cheap contraception, and let women and their doctors figure it out. 6

You know who is for killing fetuses and babies? The @gop and everyone who voted for them and everyone of their pundits.
Everyday we don’t have free maternity care, preventable stillborns happen. Tobacco causes stillbirths, prematurity and SIDS. Call the GOP what they are. 7

Babies are killed by guns, they does from tobacco related SIDS, they die from lack of health care. All things the @gop could prevent and don’t. The baby killers here are @realDonaldTrump and his ilk 8

People should hold up baby killer signs for @realDonaldTrump because that who controls the party whose policies kill babies 9

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