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As I said yesterday, the first thing that'll happen will be the unraveling of the early reporting we heard yesterday on Obstruction. That's now occurred. The second thing that'll happen is the unraveling of the early reporting we heard yesterday on collusion.

That's coming soon.

1/ This is how the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting begins.

2/ Stage 2 of the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting will be people focusing with great intensity on AG Barr writing that there was no prosecutable evidence of collusion with the "Russian government," which people will soon realize wasn't alleged by anyone in/on those terms.

3/ Stage 3 of the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting will be people focusing on the difference between not prosecuting something and not having *evidence* of something. People will realize that there's a *good deal* of evidence on collusion *and that it is still developing*.

4/ Stage 4 of the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting will be the realization there are 19 pending federal and state investigations into Trump, his family, and his aides, and that many of these directly intersect with the question of what Trump's relationship with Russia was.

5/ Stage 5 of the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting is the realization that evidence Congress and these 19 investigations develop will be added to the full Mueller report to help Congress decide if (say) 80% but not 90% proof of collusion is enough for impeachment. (It is.)

6/ Stage 6 of the unraveling of the *collusion* reporting sees Dems develop a way to explain to America what's happening, for instance, "Just as a counterintelligence investigation doesn't require beyond-a-reasonable-doubt proof, neither does a counterintelligence *impeachment*."

7/ Every time you hear someone in media muse publicly about all the unexplained Trump-Russia connections and events, you're hearing them slowly come to the realization that the "collusion" allegation against Trump was *never* that he signed a secret agreement with the IRA or GRU.

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