Jennifer Gunter+ Your Authors @DrJenGunter OB/GYN, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, Canadian Spice, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (bestseller! OMG). Jensplaining, NYT contributor. Apr. 06, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

I’m words. Don’t go to the site to give them clicks, but imagine making a story out of this tweet from yesterday, mining my images to find one from 2 years ago that you think makes me look silly (I look hot) and writing a whole article on this:

I do love that wig.

I mean...all of this is true. So...

This is a great opportunity to introduce my new followers to my My Little Pony Cosplay:
Sunset Shimmer (red wig)
Queen Chrysalis (blue wig)
Starlight Glimmer (top hat, Heartswarming Eve episode)

And my Halloween costumes

And more Halloween.

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