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Since launching @HelmSecure has added

👯‍♀️ unlimited user support
🤹‍♀️ unlimited domain support
🗂 Dropbox/GDrive style file sync
📷 Photo and video sync, share and backup

In just the last few months— this dev team is serious! ☄️

Coming soon: VPN and secure password management

The reviews as have been 🔥

🏆 GeekWire and Fast Company finalists for best consumer tech
🎖 ArsTechnica recommended: “Looking to kick Google to the curb? The best and easiest way.”
📦 2 production runs totally sold out

Preorder for the next run @ 

Why Helm?

⛈ The cloud is just someone else’s computer
🌊 Megatech harvests your data. If you don’t pay for it you are the product!
🐜 Decentralization insulates you from mass hacks
📧 Helm users exchange end to end encrypted email by default
🔑 Only you have your private keys

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