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If anyone fancies campaigning for a referendum in which No Deal is an option, they can count on me campaigning against them, even if it meant no referendum at all.

So far I’ve heard
- It wouldn’t be fair otherwise
(If people weren’t given the option to badly harm the lives of others here and in our neighbouring countries, break peace treaties, and undermine the stability of the Western Alliance)
- We’d have to
(No we wouldn’t)

- But some people think that’s the only real Brexit
(They’re factually wrong)
- But a large number of MPs want it
(So what. A majority don’t. A large minority of MPs want a Labour Govt, but iut doesn’t work like that.)

- But it would be the only way to get ther ERG on board for a PV
(There are >100 ERG MPs. If getting them on board is the priority, we need a pretty serious strategy rethink)
- It was only being floated for discussion
(Excellent, we’re having that discussion now.)

- People would feel it was illegitimate without the option
(That’s not a good enough argument to risk people’s lives for)
- The consequences are overstated
(Half the harm the independent consensus predicts. Half it again. It would still be awful).

- It would help remain/split the Leave vote
(Seriously? You think trying to rig the referendum would help get people on board with it? And you’re sure enough it would even work to take that big a risk? I wouldn’t be for a second after 2016)

- But it respects the 2016 vote
(Quite the contrary. Nobody campaigned on the basis of No Deal in 2016. All predicted a deal would be found, and be the basis of leaving the EU.)

- It would need a Hard Brexit option
(Until 2018, Hard Brexit meant leaving the Single Market and Customs Union as well as the EU. May’s Brexit is, ultimately, that as it plans for both in the medium-term. It is a hard Brexit.)

No Deal was originally termed a Dirty Brexit, a Car-Crash Brexit, a Cliff-Edge Brexit, and a Kamikaze Brexit. Leave and the ERG intentionally shifted this meaning over time. Don’t buy into that.

Finally, we live in a representative democracy. It would be up to our elected MPs to decide what is on the ballot. There is no compulsion whatsoever to put something they know would be deeply harmful on it.

It’s their job to avert catastrophe, not ask people if they fancy it.

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