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Has there ever been a narrative device so full of promise, that went on to be so totally & utterly squandered, as the direwolves of the Stark children? I mean, what was ever the point, at all? They were utterly disposable & peripheral, start to finish. 🐺🐺🐺🐺

I'll just put all my annoying GoT complaints in one thread. Let's talk about Jon's death & resurrection, on the show. Tell me, what was the point? How did it happen, and why? What does it mean? It just kind of flitted by, in one episode, with NO larger meaning or consequences.

Final GoT tweet of the day (probably): I am increasingly of the opinion that GRRM isn't going to be able to finish the books -- and that at some point soon he's going to announce as much & formally give up.

OK, one more: two of my favorite characters on the show are Tormund & Brienne, and neither got their proper due. Tormund became comic relief & now he's just gone. Brienne has become a blubbering lovesick mess, which, COME ON. She literally never even smiled until last week!

OK, really one more: I know a final-round Hound vs. Mountain showdown is ridiculous in plot terms and pure, naked fan service, but ... I don't care. I DEMAND A CLEGANE BOWL.

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