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Writing a blog post about the Dept. of Justice's upcoming investigations of Google. There's a lot to cover, and I desperately wish @dannysullivan wasn't on G's payroll; we could really use the unbiased, critical analysis of his past self. I'll do my best to channel that. /1

First, the argument/case being made is NOT: "Google has a monopoly in search and that's wrong/unfair".
The DOJ (and concerned citizens) are arguing: "Google used its monopoly in search to give themselves unfair advantages in other businesses".

Easiest examples, IMO, are Maps and YouTube. Did Google give its own video platdorm more search visibility than anyone else (Wistia, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.)? Did they do so even when other results were of equal or higher quality/relevance/authority? /3

And now with Google Hotels/Flights, are they treating all travel competitors fairly in search? Does everyone get the same opportunity for visibility (in both paid & organic), or does Google give favored treatment to Alphabet-owned properties? /4

The DOJ investigated Microsoft in the 90s for unfairly using Windows to distribute and favor Internet Explorer. Did Google do that with Chrome? And/or Android? /5

These are the types of questions that show use of monopoly power in one business/field to unfairly compete in others. That's where the issues are, and that's where I'll focus my post. If you have Qs, suggested links, examples, etc. I would LOVE help! Thanks all 🙏 /fin

Update - my post will focus on these three areas:
1) GG giving premium SERP real estate to its own properties, often to help those businesses become dominant in their field
2) GG aggregating results & answers in SERPs w/o attribution
3) Use of GG Search+Android to promote Chrome

If there are other parts of Google's behavior you think are clear cut cases of anti-competitive behavior, or unfair use of monopoly power that I should cover, please let me know (esp. if you've got good resources I can check out/cite). Thanks!

Post is up:  https://sparktoro.com/blog/as-the-antitrust-case-against-google-kicks-off-heres-where-the-doj-should-start/  Would love any feedback or additions 👊👊👊

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