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As the academic year comes to an end here, I want take a moment to talk about the amazing work of my grad students, past and present.

1. @LeahRigueur, now an assistant professor at Harvard's @Kennedy_School, is the author of this brilliant book. She's now hard at work on a follow-up on conservative African Americans in the Reagan years. 

2. @allofmilov, an assistant professor of history at @UVA, has her first book coming out this October.

This is one instance in which you actually *can* judge the book by its cover, because the contents are just as cool: 

3. Dov Grohsgal has just accepted a four-year position at @INCITE_Columbia to work on their ambitious oral history project on the Obama years.

His first book, Bring Us Together: Civil Rights Politics and Policies in the Nixon White House, will be out with @uncpressblog soon.

4. Tikia Hamilton, a.k.a. @TripleIvyLLC, has just wrapped up a term teaching in Chicago and is revising her dissertation on the struggle for equal education in Washington DC.

5. Will Schultz, fresh off a postdoctoral fellowship at @Penn's Andrea Mitchell Center, is a lecturer at Princeton this term.

He's busy revising his dissertation on Colorado Springs and the culture wars for publication. (The title is changing hourly, but watch this space.)

6. @RichAndHistory is in the middle of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at

He's readying his fantastic manuscript on Chicago's notorious Daley machine for publication.

7. Joel Suarez just defended his sweeping dissertation on "Work and the American Moral Imagination" and, despite my insistence that he take a well-earned break, is already moving ahead with publication plans.

8. @dygottlieb has accepted a National Fellowship with the Jefferson Scholars Foundation at @UVA for the coming year, which he'll use to finish work on a phenomenal dissertation about yuppies in 1980s New York. (He's got an article coming out this fall with the @JournAmHist too.)

9. Kyla Morgan Young is wrapping up work on her terrific dissertation, "Vested in Faith," about the history of stockholder activism & divestment politics in mainline Protestant churches.

10. @m_r_glass has accepted a dissertation completion fellowship from the @Spencer_Fdn to wrap up work on his brilliant project on school financing and educational inequality on post-WWII Long Island.

Plus, this piece in the @UrbanHistoryA's journal: 

11. Jacqueline Brandon is busy researching her dissertation on NAFTA and the politics of globalization in the 1990s, which seems like a *pretty* timely topic for study.

12. Last but certainly not least, @Jaime_SanchezJr passed his generals exams with flying colors last month and, importantly, managed not to be crushed by the tower of books he mastered:

Admittedly, I'm a *little* biased, but I think they're all pretty amazing.

Check out their work whenever and wherever you can. You won't be sorry.

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