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The 2019 NBA Draft is about to commence! Follow along for our pick-by-pick coverage and analysis beginning with consensus No. 1 selection Zion Williamson of Duke  https://lat.ms/2IueUMD 

Before the NBA Draft kicks off, check out our mock draft, where we asked beat reporters for every NBA team to make the picks for their respective squad  https://lat.ms/2WSnfSW 

Bol Bol is no Zion Williamson, but the son of Manute Bol has plenty of upside to his game even if he's seen as the draft's biggest risk/reward prospect. Who will end up drafting him?  https://lat.ms/2IsugkG 

Breaking: In a surprise to no one, Zion Williamson is the first player to be selected in the 2019 NBA Draft  http://lat.ms/2IueUMD 

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