Casey Newton @CaseyNewton I write The Interface. Get it by email: [email protected] | instagram: @crumbler Aug. 12, 2019 1 min read

I think the fact that Netflix cancels most shows after two or three seasons is … extremely great.

You can tell a lot of great stories in 20ish hours of TV. And most people given 20 hours of TV to fill run out of ideas in 10 hours or (much) less 

More series being canceled can mean more room for other voices. We tried doing it the other way first, and the result was 14 seasons of Bonanza

Also, have you noticed that no show is ever truly canceled any more? It's just waiting for a large enough cult audience to develop for Netflix to bring it back from the dead.

So anyway, look for The OA season 3 in 2029, etc etc

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