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The U.S. Space Command is now officially a thing. @US_SpaceCom just dropped this launch video.

SpaceCom as it stands seems like a recruiting tactic, more than anything.

I guarantee that the DoD's Hollywood Liaison Office will start heavily focussing on the Space Force. We will almost certainly see it appear in upcoming Marvel movies. Here is how the DoD approached Captain Marvel for Air Force recruiting:  https://twitter.com/i/moments/1142750962152591360 

SpaceCom also represents a consolidation of capabilities. That is something we want, for when an inevitable solar flare hits and we need to rapidly repair satellite infrastructure. We also need more resources for collaborating with private companies too.

It's also worth paying attention to SpaceCom in the broader geopolitical context. We're certainly entering military build-up period; China, Russia, and the U.S. have all ramped up budgets in the last few years. This is a time to outpace and gain leverage for future combat.

Russia is currently testing & crashing hypersonic nuclear-powered ramjet missiles. This has the Pentagon very concerned; they face no defense. The only things flying faster than these missiles will be in orbit. Take that as you will.

Because of climate change, the Arctic is also being militarized. The Pentagon is currently trying to grow ice-breaker capabilities. The Greenland meme plot-line isn't that much of a meme. It represents resources, and leverage too.

I also wrote about geopolitical tensions, the east-west economic debundle proposed by the Trump-circle, Cybercom, and the rise & militarization of AI:

We're also in the midst of the bizarre UFO media storm. It's not everyday that the DoD is launching a new branch of the Armed Forces — or that the Navy's CTO tells the Patent office that UFO tech is real. UFOs likely aren't real. But narratives & China are

There will certainly be interesting times ahead. I honestly wouldn't doubt this meme comes to life. We're seeing far more U.S. posturing and straight-up trolling now more than in any point in recent history.

Cold War vibes, but Space!


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