Teri Kanefield @Teri_Kanefield Author, Lawyer (U.C. Berkeley) My threads are here: terikanefield-blog.com/ Bio here: terikanefield.com/about-me George Papadopoulos called me deluded Sep. 18, 2019 1 min read

No need. He gave the Democrats what they needed.

He provided testimony under oath that the White House is obstructing the House inquiry.

He also admitted that he lied to Fox and the media, and basically admitted that he talked freely to Mueller because he had immunity.

Hauling people off to jail really doesn't do much except create lots of drama and martyrs.

Haven't we had enough drama?

Lewandowski was a hostile witness.
Imagine throwing all hostile witnesses into jail.

Nope. Research shows that punishment as a deterrent does not work. (See my book entitled Guilty? Crime Punishment and the Changing Face of Justice.)

This is particularly true when the contemptuous person is trying to show loyalty to the US President . . .

Here is how Roger Stone was greeted on February 2, 2019. 👇

He was indicted on January 24, 2019.

He was given a hero's welcome. Think about that.

Maybe, just maybe, the Democratic House leadership knows what they're doing. It's a possibility. Right?

People. The point of this last tweet was that punishment as deterrence doesn't work.

I have a chapter on this in my book, Guilty, Crime, Punishment, and the Changing Face of Justice.

The research on the effectiveness of deterrence is pretty well settled.

These are impeachment hearings. The point of the hearings were to build the case for Articles of Impeachment.

Art. 3 for Nixon’s impeachment was that he impeded the House’s power of impeachment in a subversive manner—exactly what happened here.

A bonus that emerged from the hearing was that Lewandowski's Senate campaign will be saddled with soundbites that he lied to the media.

But the target isn't Lewandowski.

The target is Trump.

Yesterday, in a House inquiry into obstruction of justice, Trump obstructed.

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