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Having worked for the Oz government in content creation for schools, I'd be very surprised if that Boris stuff hadn't had to have been signed by a number of people.

Everything, even the most innocuous stuff, gets double- and triple-checked.

This is absolutely central to content creation for schools. One pair of eyes will undoubtedly miss a factual error, or more importantly, cultural taboos.

For example, every time I wrote about Indigenous issues, I have to have my content signed off by our Indigenous advisor.

Arse-covering is the order of the day. You want to ensure that there are no grounds for complaint.

At times, I wasn't happy with it - it made our work somewhat 'toothless'.

Most of the time, I was glad to have that backup. My arse was just one of five or six to be kicked.

Now, it might just be that this Anomaly mob, who created the material, are just a tiny outfit.

That in itself raises questions - why are you giving the reins of screens across thousands of English schools to a cowboy outfit?

It would be really useful to hear from the government in regards to whether they had any involvement in directly commissioning or signing off on this content.

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