Teri Kanefield @Teri_Kanefield Author, Lawyer (U.C. Berkeley) My threads are here: terikanefield-blog.com/ Bio here: terikanefield.com/about-me George Papadopoulos called me deluded Oct. 14, 2019 1 min read

This is a good point.

The Trump-Fox-GOP talking point is that the usual protections for criminal defendants are not in place—as if the House inquiry is akin to a criminal trial (it isn't).

But does the Trump-GOP follow trial rules?


Rules are for the other side.

Yes, or a grand jury.
Ted Lieu compares the House inquiry to a grand jury, which gets us to the same place. I'll find his link and put it in the next tweet.

Ted Lieu is a master at framing the issues in a single Tweet.

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