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Not going extinct: “far-left, pie-in-the-sky moonshine”

Going extinct: “The only realistic way to win in 2020.”

I'm sorry; we *would* take the steps we all know we need to take to save the planet, but this "not dying of exposure" purity politics tests poorly in rural Michigan.

impeachment was unpopular on Sept. 1

America wasn't ready for a black president in 2008

going to the moon was impractical in 1963

• • •

Sometimes necessary things are unpopular

We make them popular by doing them anyway

"Leadership" is what it's called

It's what's needed

Treating the current state of popular opinion as a fixed thing is not only self-defeating, but a failure to recognize how human attitudes change.

To remember how people respond to a rallying cry.

To accept how doing what's right always needs bravery, and usually needs a fight.

You vote for whoever you imagine a 'swing voter' will vote for. (I can tell you who, by the way—they're going to vote for Trump. If they're fool enough to still consider him, they're certainly fool enough to fall for whatever bullshit he throws.)

I'm going to vote for a leader.

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