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Build a Reputation that Pays: (thread)


We're fortunate to have the opportunity to build a network of people around our ideas, interests, and abilities, regardless of where we are physically.


The long term goal of cementing your unique reputation is to escape competition entirely:

"Anyone can make their own whiskey, but only Glenfiddich can make Glenfiddich."


Here's a compilation of ideas that are foundational to scaling your network on the internet:


Be deliberate.

Make noise, listen for signal.

When you find signal, double down. Focus on substance and accelerate your output cycle.


If you want to be recognized by the market, be deliberately recognizable.

"Good advertising wears in, not out." — @JonLombardo


Be assertive.

You now have confidence and permission from the market to make yourself prominent and visible in your specialty.

The market will reward you for proving your ability in public.


Be impervious.

When you reach a certain scale, criticism and imitation are inevitable. Embrace both. They’re signals your audience is growing.

Opinions are required for markets to function. Realize this and you will stop taking things personally.


Be prolific.

Find 1,000 ways to say the same thing. Give people a front row seat to your evolution.

Like anything else worth doing, this is a game of reps.


Be open.

Take people behind-the-scenes and continuously sell your sawdust. Prove you can solve specific problems by showing how you do it.

Give away your “secrets” and people will pay you to implement them.


Be yourself.

Too often, marketing is a firewall we put up to protect ourselves from the market. The closer you can get to your natural state in your communication, the better insulated from the competition you will be.

"Escape competition through authenticity." — @naval


There are a million courses, YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, websites, twitter feeds, but you're here reading this.


This is a short excerpt from The Productization Playbook.

A simple set of principles for working in public, accelerating the growth of your network, and divorcing your inputs from your income.

For more:  https://bit.ly/33OXCVv 


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