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I have nearly given myself caffeine poisoning with this strategy, so I recommend maybe not making it literally coffee, but FWIW back in better times this was very much an important part of integrating as a remote employee.

(My actual record was 37 in a week.)

I view it as an investment. Yes, you're trading off with e.g. other potential multi-participant meetings or "doing the actual work", but you might only get 5 chances to break bread with a particular colleague during your mutual tenure. Our monkey brains care about breaking bread.

So be really, really intentional about using those limited chances to build and maintain relationships.

(Same goes for conference attendance or sales trips to places you're not normally at, by the way. I occasionally overdo it, but stretching from comfort zone helpful.)

As long as I'm on the subject, this sounds so silly but has worked for myself and colleagues: if the team is getting e.g. boba then *you get boba*. Doesn't matter if you're an ocean and X time zones away. Post a photo of it and look at their photos. You will have had it together.

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