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Sarah Jamie Lewis
+ Your AuthorsArchive @SarahJamieLewis Executive Director @OpenPriv. Cryptography and Privacy Researcher. @cwtch_im icyt7rvdsdci42h6si2ibtwucdmjrlcb2ezkecuagtquiiflbkxf2cqd Oct. 21, 2021 1 min read

One of the most dangerous narratives coming out of the pro-encryption camp right now is that metadata surveillance (by any other name) can be a solution to "online harms" in lieu of banning or restricting access to end-to-end encryption.

Ceding ground that is already lost.

Let us not blatantly ignore the fact that governments and corporations already conduct vast, intrusive metadata surveillance campaigns - and have done for decades.

Metadata surveillance is the gross, default state of the modern world.

The real solution to online harms rests in more anonymity, more encryption, more consensual communication and more decentralization of power.

We @OpenPriv are building @cwtch_im, a truly decentralized and surveillance resistant application.

If you want to actually start proactively defending privacy instead of reacting to every fresh legislative hell, then come help us. 

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