Most of the web really sucks if you have a slow connection 

How I sped up my blog by 25x-50x in four hours, including the time it took to learn basic website optimization 

Can't edit my blog post on how the web is problematic on slow connections because google docs can't handle my hotel's slow connection.

Many Americans don't have access to home broadband. This is true even in this study of the 50 largest metro areas! 

Microsoft claims that roughly half of Americans effectively don't have broadband? 

Google Design's "Best of 2019" page is 64MB, takes 98s to load the "2019" that's the main visual element above the fold (from a Cable modem in Australia). 

Google's page announcing its use of AV1 in Duo is 58MB.

The announcement shows off a video encoded at 30kbps. 58MB @ 30kbps is enough for 4.3 hours of video. 

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