Jen Bartel


Hey y'all—since we're going into the summer/fall comic convention season, I want to talk about something that's been kind of eating at me for a while now. If you're a young artist attending shows this year and you plan to bring your portfolio for reviews, this is for you.

A few months ago, I happened to see a tweet from someone who claimed they brought their portfolio to my table at a con for a review and I supposedly ignored them, was super dismissive, and they left the interaction feeling hurt and upset. I promise you, this did not happen.
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Alo Moli


A THREAD: I’ve been waiting 3 and a half years to post this particular story because it’s one that is dear to me. Originally I had posted this back in April, but due to the privacy laws here in UT that protect children who are in states custody, I was asked to take it down

Until today. But before I continue, I want to start from the beginning: March 2012: My wife and I had met in Arizona while she was attending Arizona State University and I was playing football for Mesa Community College.
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Pieter Levels ✨


The five cognitive distortions of people who get things done: 🏆 Personal exceptionalism 🏁 Black and white thinking 🙌 Correct overgeneralization 🖼 Blank canvas thinking 👊 Schumpeterianism A thread 👇

🏆 Personal exceptionalism: a macro sense that you are in the top of your cohort, your work is snowflake-special Benefit: resilience, stamina, charisma Risk: assuming macro-exceptionalism means micro-exceptionalism
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Meng To


When I was 30, I moved to SF to pursue my dream. It was, for a year. But then I was denied a visa to continue work. My world was shattered, and I decided to travel. I wasn’t going to let that decide what I should do with my life. I wrote a book. Thread.

I didn’t expect much. Never wrote anything more than a 5-min article. But it did so well that it allowed to travel for 2 years. At the end of that long journey, we wanted to start a family. We were then blessed with a baby boy, so we settled back in Canada, near Montreal.
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Jim Rosen


1) Recently finished @nntaleb’s Skin in the Game. Like others (@naval) who have had their worldviews shifted by Taleb’s writings on probability, randomness, and society in general, SITG changed how I think about numerous parts of the economy and society. Some takeaways:

2) The Great Recession was caused by lack of SITG. In his irreverent style, Taleb describes the “Bob Rubin Trade” - former US Secretary Treasury making $120M+ at Citi over the 10 years up to ’08 then bailing the bank out after the crash, transferring risk to taxpayers: no SITG
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Nafisa /


So something happened today which we are really shocked about and I need to address it with the wider community because you need to know this behaviour is not okay. Today we held our first meet up for Muslim women at @Amaliah_Tweets. A safe space that we do not often get.

This was a sisters only event - which was in the event description. We had a Muslim man turn up. My initial thought was okay fine we have an ally amongst us - let me welcome him in rather than turn him away. We welcomed him in to have brunch with us and even take part
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wikipedia brown


People say “why do you only care when police kill people but not when black people kill each other.” Most of those people are trolls but in case anyone has this question in good faith I’ll humor you and address it quickly.

1) you don’t know what people in Chicago do every day to fight intracommunity gun violence. You know nothing about it. You don’t know about the work we do in education, community mental health, mentorship, or other long-term comprehensive efforts. Educate yourself.
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