Steven Sinofsky


Alt-view on Amazon global domination of all retail and the last company standing. :-) Recent moves by Amazon are an indication not of domination but convergence towards the same drivers of retail success in prior generation. “Everyone eventually becomes their parents.” 1/n

Retail has always been generational. Retail success stories are a graveyard of iconic brand names. Just brutal in how they roll over every generation. Here are a few from my own childhood that no longer exist.
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Kurt Eichenwald


1. It keeps being asked: Why would anyone wait decades to publicly disclose sexual assault? I know why. I can write this cause I wrestled with disclosure in years of writing my book A Mind Unraveled. Rather than wait til October book release, as Dr. Ford is slammed, I tell now..

2….I was raped in my twenties while incapacitated after an epileptic seizure. The injuries required me to seek medical attention at a hospital. The period in the emergency room was an emotional blur, of shutting down, of focusing on anything other than the attack…
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