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This is a hobby horse of mine, so apologies. But - most NFL players aren't rich. They make less than a fancy lawyer for 3-4 years - maybe 10 if they're incredibly lucky - then they're left with injured bodies and a gap in their lives while they figure out what to do.

The Aaron Rodgers' of the world are exceptions, not the rule. The rule is the journeyman lineman who makes 600K for a couple of years then has four back surgeries.
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Rachel Matt Thorn wanted to meet more ppl at SDCC!


Be careful what you wish for, Zack. Here we go. Manga for children were banned in 1942, ostensibly for moral reasons, but actually because there was a severe paper shortage which the gov't didn't want to admit to, so they told publishers to make their mags boring.

The only manga being made, then, were "satire" strips for adults, & I put satire in quotes because they were pure gov't propaganda, so obviously real satire was out of the question. So for a few years, no one is making actual manga, & publishers weren't making interesting books.
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Austen Allred


Silicon Valley expects you to start a company by finding a problem you have yourself, solving it, and it being a problem for others. But Amazon’s story was basically, “I did the math on this new thing’s growth, then systematically found the ideal product to play into it.”

I have a hunch a lot of founders actually have a Bezos-like story, then make up some apocryphal story that fits the narrative everyone expects to hear
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