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About 10 years ago I worked in Ted Kennedy’s foreign affairs/immigration constituent office.

I REGULARLY fielded calls from panicked mothers who came home to missing family members.

ICE was created in 2003 along w/ the Patriot Act. It was a weapon waiting for a tyrant.


Folks are also talking about how this isn’t just Trump.

That is true, and not new to folks familiar with US immigration. Obama deported more people than his three presidential predecessors *combined.*

But now we are seeing exactly how ICE was designed without accountability. /2

Like warrantless wiretapping, the extrajudicial and unaccountable nature of ICE is essentially built as a maiden in waiting for authoritarian abuse of power.

In fact, the folks who panic about the idea of #abolishICE seem to forget that we had a system before it: the INS.


The INS forwarded crimes to the Department of Justice.

That is exactly how it should be done.

Immigration should primarily be seen through two lenses (arguably 1-2 others):

1. Foreign policy
2. Criminal justice


1. Immigration as foreign policy

Families do not all come to the US because they spontaneously “feel like it.” They also come because of global trade deals that destabilize local economies, or military interventionism, or regime changes at home.


Whenever we as US citizens agree w/ military actions like weapons deals & air strikes, or when we hop on board with trade deals like NAFTA or the TPP, we should ask ourselves:

“Are we prepared to deal with the people who will seek refuge in the US due to our actions?”


2. Immigration as Criminal Justice

If a person commits a crime, they should go through due process as outlined in our Constitution. Period.

That’s how it was until 2003. ICE changed all of that, and created an extrajudicial black-box system that has deported >10k US citizens(!)

Here’s what must be done:

We must #abolishICE. It’s very structure is about as undemocratic and authoritarian as it gets in the US.

We have to replace ICE with an updated INS-like structure that handles crime through the same court system we’ve had for well over 100 years. /8

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