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How much has #MeToo impacted viewership? Very little, it turns out. My latest for @MorningConsult. 

We asked folks whether they'd see a film or TV series featuring 20 different actors. Then we mentioned #MeToo allegations against them and asked if it'd impact their decision. 

Of the 20 actors surveyed, allegations against only two — Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. — drove more people to say their viewership habits would change as a result of #MeToo. 

Women are more likely than men to say their viewership will be impacted by #MeToo, but they're still pretty forgiving of the group of actors we polled on. 

One subgroup that entertainment officials should be mindful of: Frequent movie-watchers, or people who go to the theater *and* stream a film from home once a month 🙋.

That group is loads more likely to say their viewership will change. 

Here's an interesting case ft. Jeffrey Tambor, which boils down to 🤷:

When Tambor was *removed* from Transparent, 49% said it'd make no impact on their viewership.

When Tambor *remained* on #ArrestedDevelopment, a similar number (51%) were also unmoved. 

What does this mean?

Every case is different, of course, but Americans are pretty forgiving and forgetful, even of #MeToo allegations.

Or, they don't even know.

Of the 20 actors we surveyed on, majorities said they hadn't heard *anything* on allegations against 19 of them.

Kevin Spacey was the outlier. 

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