Josh Wolfe @wolfejosh VC, entrepreneur, fund manager @Lux_Capital; Chair @CiPrep Coney Island Prep; Trustee @SfiScience Santa Fe Inst; CoFounder of Carson, Quinn & Bodhi w/ @ltwolfe May. 29, 2018 1 min read

1/ The secret to happiness (in life, love, investing and markets) is exceeding expectations.

(In sharing my excitement I've quite foolishly raised high expectations + anticipation...)

2/ Many Lux investments that fell short of expectations did so when the entire partnership had consensus conviction. Many that exceeded had a minority of passionate table pounders...

3/ There is always more opportunity in creating new options + possibilities than just improving ones that already exist. Here is what got me so excited about a new set of options + possibilities...

4/ Truth in science: Scientifically rigorous. Published papers with first-author founders and esteem of colleagues and department heads. Patented with hard technological MOATS to fend off wannabes + copycats.

5/ Authority + Social Proof from high signal references, friends + supporters that the founder was unique + super smart...including @BillGates + @NathanMyhrvold + Jim Breyer @jimihendrixlive + Paul Allen + @bradsilverberg + @timoreilly

6/ Signal in exceptional talent joining this venture---FROM existing Lux family companies and from a flurry of engineers who knew we were connected wanting intros to work there...

7/ Early meaningful acquisition offer that we had to compete + contend with that for a young venture would have made many founders wealthy--but they rightly decided much greater opportunity + wealth awaited...

8/ Co-investors whom Lux respects, holds in high-esteem and likes working with (both financial VCs + strategics including:
@GVteam + @sparkcapital + @MatrixPartners + @foundersfund + @amazon + Slack foudner @stewart + @cyantist + @timoreilly + Paul Allen's Vulcan Capital...

9/ Here's to investing in people, inventing the future. 

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