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1/ #NixHearing opens tense as he attempts to make a statement while @DamianCollins asserts Q&A format. Soon asked how he felt about Channel4 undercover films. He blamed representation on editing of “hypotheticals” but @JoStevensLabour reads CA statement when he was suspended.

2/ @JoStevensLabour asking about the ethics of the CA/SCL reads brochure text of their ability to manipulate SEO on political opponents. @DamianCollins asks about Ukrainian girls: “that works very well” Nix: “that was a lie to impress the client.” #NixHearing

3/ @DamianCollins asks about brochure for Mongolian candidates that offered infiltration and sting services. @pow_rebecca asks about SCL offering the “dark arts” and Nix does the whataboutism on Channel4 equating journalistic practice as falsely equivalent. #NixHearing

4/ @IanCLucas asks about examples of unethical media that CA/SCL rejected, referring to Nigerian election video. Nix claims SCL didn’t have editing capabilities, but did acknowledge violent video was considered for disseminating by AIQ and others. #NixHearing

5/ @ChrisM4Chester asks about latest report by @carolecadwalla on Kaiser’s contacts with Assange at Embassy. Nix claims he has not yet read report. Tried to suggest Kaiser did it on her own time. He knew Kaiser knew John Jones QC, Assange’s barrister. Asked about Wikileaks emails

6/ @JulieElliottMP asks would like to clarify relationship with AggregateIQ relationship and RIPON software contracts. Asked about data sourcing, how voter and commercial data on open market. Asked about insecure breached source code repo, oversight on data security. #NixHearing

7/ Nix claims “nothing sensitive” in source code. But @VickerySec found credentials and confidential material in the breach files. Nix claims it was made available for “open source” development. @DamianCollins asks how he met AIQ via @chrisinsilico, debating his role. #NixHearing

8/ @DamianCollins asks to clarify data sharing arrangements between SCL and AIQ. Nix insists AIQ were software engineers and CA was data analytics. Collins refers to @VickerySec forensics. Collins asks about raw data vs modeled data: Loyalty card, transactions, consumer habits…

9/ Farrelly asks about “toxicifcation” of SCL brand, relationship with GSR, prior statements to @CommonsCMS as a “fruitless” relationship, and conflicting evidence to Nix’s specific statements on FB data, and Kogan’s statements. Gets a chance to read his opening now. weaselwords

10/ Farrelly asks Nix why he didn’t take the opportunity to re-clarify his statements on GSR/FB data statements. Asks if SCL did its own FB surveys using same friend harvesting technique. Nix demurs on question per ICO investigation. Collins says ICO says Nix may answer questions

11/ @DamianCollins gets a real-time message from @VickerySec disputing Nix’s claim that AIQ code repo didn’t contain sensitive info. Nix claims to have asked his “data team” in prep for this hearing. Looks like Nix’s lawyer passed a note to request a break.

12/ @pow_rebecca asks about amending statements per Kaiser’s statements on FB data, seeks a clear answer, Nix dodges, citing ICO investigation. Nix cites Kogan collected 87m, SCL received about 30m of that. Nix wants to go after Wylie, Pow reminds him of his talent visa status.

13/ Gets tense on Nix badly wanting to trash Wylie, claiming “90% of allegations” come from him. Collins reminds they have piles of factual evidence. Nix hoping to hammer on Wylie’s Eunoia. Nix admits Axciom, Experian etc were data sources! This was required in my data request!

14/ Section 7 DPA required disclosure of Axciom, Experian as data sources. SCL Election failed to disclose it. More evidence that my Subject Access Request was not adequate. This is the basis of my ICO complaint and high court claim. [break]

15/ Farrelly brings up UK politics and Nix’s prior statements on CA/SCL, zeroing in on section in CA’s pitch to LeaveEU on microtargeting fundraising campaign outside of UK, did he receive legal advice on that? Nix says there was grey area on British nationals abroad. #NixHearing

16/ Farrelly asks about UKIP billing distinct from LeaveEU. Asked about pitches to Eldon Insurance/GoSkippy (Aron Banks’ companies). @Simonhartmp asks about Nigel Oakes’ evidence on his comments on CA/SCL work as backbone proof-of-concept for LeaveEU.

17/ @Simonhartmp asks Nix if Cambridge Analytica was actually not capable of influencing elections but just an advertising agency selling toothpaste. Which is it? Nix say it’s both. Effective operator in election field. Yes or no? Then a #humblebrag LOL.

18/ @Simonhartmp asks who decided his suspension as CEO. @IanCLucas asks about Mark Ettelson, who introduced AIQ to Vote Leave campaign. So there was a connection between CA and referendum. Who introduced CA to Aron Banks? Crickets. Lucas, let me help you, it was Steve Bannon.

19/ @IanCLucas hammers Nix on the facts that CA sits at center of the individuals in this small world who introduced each other for Brexit work. Nix gets really testy. Accusations of rudeness, victimhood. Collins clarifies corroborated evidence as basis for questioning.

20/ @JoStevensLabour asks about 2009-2011 election work in Carribean and citizenship thru investment program, including passports. Probing quid pro quo over financing St Kitts elections. #NixHearing

21/ @DamianCollins citing submitted notes asks about work in Argentina, with a mention of Russia work. Nix hasn’t seen these notes. Collins brings up former Israeli intelligence officers work in Nigeria, including Black Cube as mentioned in C4 undercover videos. Other officers?

22/ “Who are PSY Group?” Nix claims he learned from Bloomberg. Can’t confirm or deny SCL Group formed joint venture with PSY Group. Nix is equivocating between SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica. #NixHearing

23/ WSJ: “PSY Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cambridge Analytica” Nix disputes the facts, speculates WSJ misused CA instead of SCL Group. #NixHearing

24/ Asked about offering Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks thru another company. Why did you consider it? Was it illegal then? Asked about payments from CA LLC to SCL. MP refers to NY State bankruptcy filings, discrepancies between Companies House filings. Corporate structure?

25/ Nix is giving handouts on corporate structure to committee (Wow @WendySiegelman) and now we’re getting walked thru the slides and charts. #NixHearing

26/ Nix is stressing separation between defense contractors. (But he admitted CA data may pass up to SCL Group the last time he presented to @CommonsCMS AND I received my data from [email protected])

27/ Nix asked if Robert Mercer is a shareholder. Refuses to answer. Per unlawful election funding activity, asked about transnational financial transactions. He claims privilege. Probing on US/UK election law overlaps and election law investigations.

28/ @IanCLucas presents Nix with an SCL document per work in Dominica. Russian clients illustrated in the chart. Lucas asks if this contradicts his statements on Russia. Nix says his colleagues worked for Gazprom in Russia, before he worked at company.

29/ @IanCLucas: Can you explain relationship with Lukoil? Introduced in Istanbul by colleagues in 2014 to use microtargeting to increase sales at petrol stations. Submitted proposal for pilot project for Turkish subsidiary of Lukoil. #NixHearing

30/ @IanCLucas asks about New Century Media in London. Asked about Vincent Tczhenguiz, 2005 SCL Group investor. Did New Century Media introduce (David Burnside’s company) you to new business? Nix can’t remember.

31/ @DamianCollins asks about why John Bolton PAC national security work was pitched to Lukoil. Isn’t that odd? Some people might find that inappropriate. Agree? Nix defends microtargeting as standard practice. Collins describes why US political work pitched to RU co is troubling

32/ @JoStevensLabour asks about number of Cambridge Analytica clients at any one time? In Feb, about 30 clients. Do you do due diligence on clients? Did you take $8m? Nix claims he hasn’t read FT article. Doesn’t want to answer the question. #NixHearing

33/ Farrelly asks Nix why he thinks everyone has it out for him? Nix says election of Trump, who has proven to be a divisive president. Claims victimhood by “liberal media” (you know like WSJ and Bloomberg). Nix is blaming @carolecadwalla @chrisinsilico for his downfall.

34/ Nix is characterizing journalistic practice to coordinate across Guardian/NYT/C4 as a conspiracy (rather than a means to defend Guardian from SCL’s legal threats via Squire Patton Boggs).

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