Walter Shaub @waltshaub former Director of @OfficeGovEthics now with @CREWcrew personal account - views are my own Jun. 12, 2018 2 min read

Our President conveys legitimacy on the mass murdering head of a gulag nation in exchange for recycled platitudes, alienates our closest allies, praises the world’s autocrats and our homegrown white supremacists, jeopardizes our economy with threats of a trade war, /1

commits atrocious human rights violations at our border, lets his family profit to the tune of tens of millions from outside businesses while they serve in the White House on nepotistic appointments (and seek to deprive those with pre-existing conditions of healthcare), freely /2

accepts emoluments, trashes the government ethics program, and subverts our justice system. We’ve spent tens of millions of tax dollars on his visits to his properties, where he frequently golfs and always promotes his businesses. His cabinet emulates his behavior /3

as the infection seeps ever deeper into institutions intended to protect democracy and resist corruption. Our diplomatic agency has been gutted and our longstanding military alliances have been frayed. Serious questions have arisen as to the influence of Trump’s /4

finances on his policy decisions in specific instances, but the majority in Congress looks the other way and prefers to investigate his investigators and his vanquished political rival. Our high court upholds a state’s effort to deprive our most vulnerable citizens /5

of the most basic right guaranteed by a republic — the right to vote — while consistently preventing states from putting an end to the mass slaughter of school kids and others. Allies of our president are concerned that his alleged “lawyer,” who acts more like a business /6

associate than a legal representative, may “flip” (something that can only happen among criminals), so they have openly challenged the legitimacy of any potential inquiry into criminality beyond the scope of foreign election interference, such as money laundering. Meanwhile, /7

no one is seriously looking into the effect of foreign inference on the last election or the extent to which vote tallies or registration records may have been affected (we simply don’t know), and even less is being done to safeguard the next election against the /8

inevitable attack. Some respectable types dismissively paint those who emphasize the seriousness of the threat to our republic as alarmists. Trump’s enablers, in and out of government, titter or tsk about his many gaffs but normalize his behavior more every day. The /9

situation is bad.

Don’t underestimate it.


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