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NEW: Extraordinary new evidence suggests LeaveEU’s @andywigmore passed confidential docs about FBI investigation to Russian embassy. 

Oh, and then lied to parliament. I forgot about that bit. LeaveEU passed confidential docs about FBI investigation to Russian embassy. And then lied to parliament. Get your head around that.

Even more extraordinary: @andywigmore emailed @Arron_banks after the foreign secretary criticised Russia & suggested they send Russian ambassador a ‘message of support’. I mean...What. The. Actual. Fuck

Docs related to arrest of Nigel Farage side & UKIP fundraiser, George Cottrell. The feds busted him for money laundering, bribery & wire fraud. Here’s @andywigmore passing along ‘Eyes Only’ docs to Russians & suggesting they ‘have fun with this’.

Who’s George Cottrell? Well he’s the person who was responsible for raising £££ to support Brexit. Oh? And an expert in money laundering, the dark net & crypto according to his indictment. Released from prison after 8 months. His side of the story here 

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