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The Executive Order also says families will be kept together ONLY “to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations.” But the WH has taken the position that the law requires separation once a parent is arrested. Not clear how you reconcile that. 1/

The Executive Order says DOJ will seek modification of a settlement agreement related to detainee conditions, but that's not instantaneous. Even if that's successful, the Executive Order says nothing about return the children already taken. /2

There's no commitment in the Executive Order to be transparent about the fate of the children who have already been taken. No indication that they'll be returned, and no promise to show proof that they've been returned. /3

In fact, the Exec Order doubles down on the new zero tolerance policy. That means that, even if they do make good on keeping families together (which is not guaranteed, given their legal interpretation), we may only be trading separation for more permanent detention. /4

The Exec Order says DHS can separate families anytime there's a “concern” for a child’s welfare but doesn’t define “concern,” leaving a lot of wiggle room for the administration to separate families. It establishes no requirement to document the concern and no review process. /5

In short, Trump has left plenty of wiggle room for his admin to misbehave, failed to provide any transparency, failed to account for the lies ("no policy. Period"), failed to guarantee return of the children now in the internment camps, and doubled down on arresting everyone. /6

This is an effort to placate us and then, when our momentum dies, put the pedal to the metal again on the highway to authoritarianism. Worst of all, the children are still not safe and some may never get back to their parents. I say, when momentum is working, press on! /7

REUNITE THE FAMILIES!!! #ReuniteFamiliesNow

And here are a few other points from my earlier thread:


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