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Filling my inbox, twitter is some version of the argument “Obama did it too!” re child detentions and separations. Usually with more profanity. So, a bit of context, as someone who covered this in 2014 and reported stories that embarassed the Obama admin 

During the “border kids crisis” in 2014 there were children and families in arguably worse detention conditions, because Border Patrol was overwhelmed. And Obama admin responded by a) expanding cage-like short-term detention, and b)trying to build more ICE family jails

But the effort to expand family detention didnt get very far and the 2015-2016 court decisions (Flores vs Lynch) further limited child detention and really sapped the push to build new facilities

What the Obama admin did NOT do — even when presented with the option— is attempt to systematically separate migrant parents from children AS A DETERRENT to illegal crossings. Thats the difference, and it’s a big one. See here 

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