Stephanie Hurlburt @sehurlburt Business inquiries: [email protected] Business twitter: @_binomial 🏳️‍🌈 She/her Jul. 05, 2018 1 min read

Few days ago I asked Twitter if anyone wanted to party with me on the 4th. I invited everyone who responded within a few hours. Yesterday 25 internet strangers partied with me on my apartment rooftop. Everyone was nice and great

I didn’t think anyone would respond. I think there’s clearly a need for more connection, for more room for friendships and places to make friends outside work stuff. I think more random Twitter parties are in order.

For those who want to organize other Twitter parties, all the organizing work I did was make a tweet, invite anyone who replied/DMed to a group DM, and posted a message with details there

When I was a teenager I made a blog that about feelings & life, it got decent views. I invited one blog fan to hang out with me and stay at my house for a week (my parents were too confused to refuse). I thought this was a phase but glad to report adult life continues like this

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