The Muslim Marine🕊 @MuslimMarine Ahmadi Muslim - USMC Veteran - Immigrant - Proud Big Brother to @QasimRashid candidate VA Senate District 28 - Passionate Educator of #TrueIslam vs. Extremism Jul. 06, 2018 1 min read

I'm an #Immigrant. I served in the #Marines. Trump's new policy is to discharge immigrants serving in the military.
If taking a knee to protest racism offends U more than discharging honorable soldiers from our military—you're the racist we're protesting. 

Trump administration deliberately complicating the background check process is leaving 1000+ recruits in limbo. Once their visa runs out, they will be deported - many back to countries in which their lives would be at risk due to their willingness to serve in the US military.

The pathway to citizenship program call MAVNI allows 3 years to complete a background check. What kind of a ridiculous background check takes more than 3 years? 

To be clear, members of the MAVNI program are green card holders, which means that they entered the United States LEGALLY and AFTER passing an already stringent background check process. Why put them through a 2nd one after they signed a contract? 

Maybe you can make an argument for a 2nd background check for anyone new entering the program. But that is NOT what's happening here - This shift in policy retroactively applies to anyone who is in the program, who had already signed a contract based on previous criteria.

For those of us who are awake, the deliberate & malicious nature of this policy shift is clearly apparent. Whatever this administration can do to discourage and exclude immigrants and people of color from the US, it's doing - even those who have the courage to serve this nation,

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