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I found my biological family. I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. I’m an aunt. I’m a granddaughter. Bitch I’m a relative!!! A thread...

First of all a little about me. I was adopted at birth and never knew my family or where I came from. I just knew my mom was Thai and my dad was black and I was on a mission to find them.

So I get a message from this guy off of @Ancestry. He asked me ?’s like is your name Albreanna? Were you born in SC and is your bday in August? I’m like yeahhh...

He’s like, “well I’m your brother and I been looking for you for years”. My heart instantly drops & I’m like don’t play! He’s like yeah & you’re the 3rd youngest of 4. I’m shook

So he gets me on group FaceTime with all my siblings. We all share the same Thai mom but different dads. Mom was a rolling stone back in the day.

My youngest brother who is the one who found me ironically lives 30mins away from me in LA. So I zoomed over to meet him.

for the 4th of July just for a family vacay. She had no clue that they found me and was just going to surprise her.

So I head out prepared, overwhelmed, shook, excited and scared of rejection all in one feeling.

My siblings and I instantly connect and I can tell they was my blood. 🙄😂

Fast forward it’s about to go down.

We meet! My brother’s shirt was soaking wet she only 5’2

She is loud, crazy, and wild just like me!

My mom got my name tatted on her ankle the next day after she gave me up. She told me she was never going to forget about me. And she didn’t. 😩

I am complete. I’m a child who found ppl who look like me. Act like me. It’s crazy that my mom and I share the same mannerism but never grew up around her.

Thank you @Ancestry for connecting me with my long lost family. My journey is complete and life has new beginnings.

This was moms in the 90s .... everything makes sense 😂😂😍😍

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