April Wensel @aprilwensel Founder of Compassionate Coding (@compassioncode) | Engineering Leader | Keynote Speaker | Ultra Runner | Ethical Vegan | medium.com/compassionate-coding Jul. 08, 2018 1 min read

I avoid tech “thought leaders” because I think they’re mostly “leading” people toward the same old toxic garbage, but I’ve been catching a hint of a weird fear that by recognizing the value of skills like learning, communication, etc., we’re not valuing coding enough. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This is ridiculous. Firstly, these skills intersect with coding skills. Empathy helps you name variables, design APIs, etc.

Secondly, we have *decades* to make up for during which we not only ignored these other skills but actively biased our hiring practices against them.

We are *so* far from any skill being valued even just as much as coding that I don’t see any value in fear-driven discussions about its value.

Furthermore, discussions of the sort by highly visible people in tech are actively doing harm and holding the industry back.

I’ll admit that it’s especially distressing to me personally to see this kind of attitude from other senior women in tech, but with compassion, I understand the costs of questioning the status quo and the benefits of assimilation.

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