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It's a tough time to be trans. The onslaught of hate is horrible, grinding, exhausting. The support of so many cis, and especially cis lesbian, allies is so moving and powerful - thank you

Things you can do: publicly say you support trans people! Private support is awesome, but we need people to stand in solidarity with us. Let us know you're with us - it makes such a difference

Listen to & read writing by trans people! Moving in the world being read as different genders gives us unique, fascinating insights into gender, space, inequality & discrimination. @cnlester's Trans Like Me is an awesome place to start

Become well-informed on trans issues, especially issues affecting the most vulnerable of us: trans children & trans sex workers. Listen to what we say about the inaccessibility of medical treatment, the dangers we face, the every discrimination we learn to cope with

If you're well-informed, educate others. It's exhausting to do Trans 101 constantly - amplify our voices & help us out. Sometimes cis people are more willing to listen to another cis person than to a trans person

Think about how you can make it easier for trans people to live in your community - a workplace, a group, a school or university. Anticipate what problems we might face & do something about them

If you're in the UK, read up and learn what the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) actually involves: making a bureaucratic, invasive process easier. There is a lot of false information going round - please help us challenge it

When I came out as trans to my dad, he said that he wasn't worried about *me* - that I was tough & smart & would be fine. He said he was worried about what the world would do to me. The world does terrible things to trans people - don't be part of that

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