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So...this story, this insane story that has kept me in its thrall for 20 months & counting. This is why.

Our democracy is broken. The internet did it. And the government is complicit in covering it up. (I argue) 

The Electoral Commission knows this. It knows the laws don’t work. And it’s these same laws that were in place during the referendum. Laws that we know now we’re broken

The referendum was the perfect storm. Where dark money met dark data. Inside the blackest of boxes, Facebook. We know now of multiple potential offences. There are multiple investigations. By a body that admits it has no powers. That has put out a desperate call for new ones

What is unraveling before our eyes is a total system failure. The entire apparatus that was supposed to keep our elections safe failed. But this is not the worst thing...

What happened in the referendum was unforeseen. What is far far more troubling is what has happened since. This is a government whose authority is invested in the result of this vote.

What has happened tonight is all part & parcel of this. So many people in Theresa May’s government up to their neck in this (Steve Baker included) Multiple scandals, multiple ministers, multiple investigations. And from the government, nothing but silence...

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