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I stand by all the sentiments in this thread. 🙌

I've been in this industry for some years now and yet people still assume that I'm very junior because I give talks about how hexadecimals work (apparently that's "too basic" for a conference).

I get flack for writing posts about things that you might have seen in the first semester of your CS program (apparently everyone "already knows how linked lists works").

The assumptions people make about me, the topics I write/speak about, and the people who would find them useful are often deeply misguided.

What those people don't realize is that it takes a hell of a lot of work to make even the "simplest" topic (lol, whatever that is) accessible and approachable to someone who is learning about it for the first time.

Being able to create beginner-friendly technical content is actually evidence that you have a deep, fundamental understanding of not just ONE topic, but all the adjacent topics that brush up against it.

And if you're a new speaker/blogger, creating beginner-friendly content shows not just that you learned a new thing, but that you learned the things around it, and were able to distill out the important bit in order to help teach it to others!

If you've been thinking about creating and sharing content geared towards beginners, please don't let those silly, illogical criticisms get you down. Tech needs more accessible, introductory, beginner-friendly material, and you can help make that happen. ❤️

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