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There's so much insanely wrong with this, I honestly don't even know where to begin.

For starters, his approval rating isn't higher than Lincoln's for the simple fact that we didn't have presidential approval ratings back then. It wasn't until FDR's second term that Gallup started asking people this question.

But even in the era in which we have presidential approval ratings and, moreover, break them down by party, this isn't the record for a Republican.

George W. Bush regularly hit above 92% approval from Republican voters between 2001 and 2005. Hell, he hit 99% in January 2002.

Also, it's difficult to compare presidencies over this period, as the parties have moved from an era in which they were each rather ideologically diverse to more starkly polarized in our time, especially in the last two decades.

Also, any Republicans who left the party over Trump and now claim to be independents? They obviously aren't counted here -- except in so much as their absence makes the remaining GOP seem *more* favorable of Trump.

It's like a haiku of insanity -- it's actually impressive he crammed so much wrong into so few syllables.

That said, bragging he beat "Honest Abe" when that's absolutely not true really is a special brand of crazy. Bravo.

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