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Best opportunities hide in what we take for granted.

People took for granted that chat messages should persist since the inception of instant messaging. And then Snapchat made them disappear. Which was the main reason it took off and even started threatening Facebook.

Before 2007, having a keyboard on your mobile phone was the obvious norm. Average phones had a dial pad. "Smarter" phones had a qwerty keyboard. Even sophisticated "smart-phones" with touch-screens & stylus would have a dozen of hardware keys.

And then iPhone came along.

Up until 1998, people thought that directories is the way to navigate the Internet. Millions went to Yahoo, AltaVista, Lucos and clicked on the category of the site they'd like to visit…

And then Google came about with just 1 input box and PageRank under the hood.

We take people for granted. While hiring, raising funds, asking for help, searching for romantic partner — we often look "above our punch weight" and overlook that the person we've been looking for has been in front of you all along.

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