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1) #Numenta A.I. work is finally getting close to realizing what I told them about 7 years ago is true and profound. Their new paper is here: 

2) My postulate is that the 6 layers in the cortex are necessary to see 4D space-time because 6-degrees of freedom (see wiki) are well-known in the engineering world to be necessary to model the movement of 3D objects in 3D space. You need 6 equations & 6 unknowns to solve.

3) Real-world example: Wasps are close cousins to ants. Some species you can't tell apart. But ants have only 2 layers of neurons for processing eye input & wasps have 6. It just so happens that in order to see the 2D world, you need only 2 degrees of freedom. Clearly, wasps ....

4) ... need to see in 3D for flying, while ants living so much underground & mostly relying on feelers for "seeing" local objects they will either smell, carry, walk around, or attack. Their front legs & feelers deal with 3D objects ... & have 6-layer neuronal support.

5) Now for the profoundness of this: There's no reason a 10-layered brain can't see reality as 4D objects in 4D space (see wiki for number of degrees needed to see in x dimensions). This would change the thinking machine perception profoundly: objects, mass, & space-time would...

6) ... look very different. Every object with constant-velocity to us would be a static object in 5D space-time. Every acceleration we see would be a simpler velocity. Their view of mass & energy would be related by E=mc^3 instead of E=mc^2.

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