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If you’ve followed #GloryGoesWest you know that Glory decided not to be a sled dog (she likes people more than dogs, and thinks pulling is boring), so last week she moved to the Pacific Northwest to live with my parents as a pet.

So far she seems to be transitioning beautifully.

No matter how or where she lives, Glory will always be part of the team and pack and heritage of sled dogs. And since dogs can’t send postcards, today I asked her friends and family if they have any messages for her. Here are my attempts at translation.

From her brother Xander:

“I have loved running with you. I will think of you when I run. Are you getting lots of pets?”

From her sister Anya:

“Listen, sis, do you want belly rubs? I’ll show you how to get belly rubs. First you flop down like this. Then you roll around until they notice. Make sure your belly is soft. Like this. See? Easy! They’ll be rubbing your belly all day long!”

From her mother, Pepe:

“You know what you need and I’m happy to see it, pup. Run on those tideflats forever. I’m so proud to be your mom.”

From her brother Spike:

“The trick is to look really majestic in photos. Strike a pose. Turn your head. Like this. With all those northwestern backdrops, you’ll be a model in no time. After all, we’re related. Hey, you can’t help good looks.”

From her brother Clem:

“Are there fish? Did you eat fish? How many fish did you eat?”

“No Bler I’m serious ask her how many fish”

From her best friend Boudica:

“Make lots of friends. But always remember me, okay? I will always love you. I’m glad that our houses were next to each other. Thank you for being gentle when I was scared and helping me to feel like myself again.”

From her sister Willow:

“I know that we didn’t grow up together. But you are my seester. I promise I will look out for your babies like they are my own.”

From her aunt Refried:

“I understand that you don’t want to pull. I’m getting to the age where I don’t want to pull, either. But I will always be pulling in my heart. I hope your days are just as filled with joy.”

The minis can’t write postcards yet (they’re too little) but they send their love and their wiggly excitement. They are learning and exploring every day.

The last message is from Glory’s father, Hari.

Hari and Glory have always had a special bond. She understands that his body language is different because he’s blind, and so she doesn’t expect him to act like other dogs. They’ve come up with their own ways to communicate.

“I will miss our time in the garden, trotting beside each other. But I’m proud of you. You’re following your nose, just like I taught you to do.”

“But you should know that every night I send up a howl to the stars. And then I sit and listen. And from now on, wherever you are, when you howl at the stars, I will hear it and be with you.”

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