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Today I woke up at 7:30. Calm breakfast with the family. We watched a cartoon, then played with some legos.

At 8:00 I worked out for 45 mins.

Then I chimed in on some work threads in Basecamp. Coworkers will read whenever.

Finally spent 4h writing + programming.


It used to be a sign of pride for the boss not to be a harried, sleep-deprived mess of a human. Someone with the spare capacity to think and ponder.

Now every waken moment has to be jam-packed with bullshit. The faster they’re running, the more important they seem.

Fuck that.

Executive prowess isn’t measured in units of exhaustion. Nobody beneath you in the hierarchy will applaud you for burning the candle with a flamethrower.

All you create is dread and anxiety. A culture of keeping up with a mad schedule is crazy. It doesn’t have to be like that.

You’re a better leader when you’re calm and well rested. When you have the surplus of energy and patience to defuse situations rather than cause them.

This may sound like an informercial but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE CRAZY AT WORK!!

(Lest you’re mistaken: The kick-off in this thread was a stereotypical week day, not my actual Saturday, and a response to founder bros 4h gym + China bullshit day).

(My actual Saturday was spent driving a race car in the morning and reading Eric Fromm’s Escape From Freedom in the afternoon 😄).

(Also worth appending to that stereotypical day is getting to bed by 22:30-23:00. Getting that 8.5-9.5 sleep every night is 🌟).

As it were, Fromm’s analysis of the modern age from Escape From Freedom is surprisingly apt to this thread as well. Here’s just one snippet.

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