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I'm starting to lose track of all these things so, if only for my own housekeeping needs, here's a ...


Overview of the party realignment over civil rights:

Politics of the 1920s Klan:

Democrats and 1960s Civil Rights Laws:

"But Republicans Voted in Higher Percentages for the Civil Rights Act":

Republicans and the "Southern Strategy" (debunking a Prager U video):

The Rise of Southern Republicans:

Some Southern Democrats Who Switched Parties:

George Wallace's Offer to Switch Parties:

The Assassination of Medgar Evers:

Ruby Bridges (and Betsy DeVos)

Dixiecrats in North Carolina: Willis Smith, Kerr Scott and Jesse Helms:

Debunking D'Souza:

And, for comic relief, the most important thread.

Trumpworld as Bond Villains:

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, so feel free to add them here.

Supreme Court Nominations in an Election Year:

Was Obama the "Most Partisan President Ever"? No.

Trump Isn't Truman

I suppose I should add this thread on threads to this thread of threads.

(insert Xhibit meme here)

Immigration Panic, the Second Ku Klux Klan and the Nuremberg Laws

Trump, Rosa Parks and the Ellis Island awards:

The Political History of the Flag Salute:

The Klan, the NAACP and "Extremists on Both Sides"

Writing Tips:

Yes, Virginia, the Civil War Was About Slavery:

Race, Murder and Moving Beyond the Numbers:

The Georgia State Flag and Segregationists

Rebutting Blexit:

Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment:

The "Willie Horton" Ad

Voting Rights Martyrs

Civil Rights Activism in Georgia, Then and Now

Bipartisan Blackface

The Long History of Anti-Lynching Legislation

Defining Dixiecrats

The Politics of Anti-Semitism: Nixon, Agnew, Buchanan and Trump


JFK Was a Liberal

JFK Was a Liberal, Pt. 2

“Gay Rights Are Civil Rights”

The Conservatism of Southern Democrats

The Conservatism of Southern Democrats, Pt. II

Conservatism and Segregation in National Review

The Conservative Coalition in the New Deal Era

The Party Realignment on Civil Rights, Take 2

Lee Atwater on the Southern Strategy

Richard Nixon and Honor America Day

Mississippi Segregationists: Democrats and Republicans

Actually, There *Were* Some Republican Slaveowners

The "Lily White Movement"

No, the Southern Strategy was not a "Myth"

Dixiecrats and Republicans

Berkeley Free Speech Movement

Crying "Socialism!"

Jesse Helms:

Nixon and Affirmative Action

Margaret Chase Smith and McCarthy

Silent Sam and Confederate Monuments

The Bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham

The Blinding of Isaac Woodard

The Nixon White House and Anti-Busing

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