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If you still follow this woman and think that what she says is good and smart, I’m honestly praying for you.

Never forget that Amy Siskind advocated for Sarah Palin to become president over President Obama in 2012 and no, that’s not a typo.

She was also apparently a huge Steve Bannon fan, so THAT’s fun.

Imagine thinking there were no neo-Nazi rallies in America before Trump and then being confident enough in your historical ignorance to put that thought on Twitter dot com for everyone to read with their own two eyes.

Whew, child. The ghetto.

A friend and I did a little digging last night. Behold, your #Resistance hero.

Imagine supporting someone because they’d be honored to be Sarah Palin’s Vice President. Wild.

Fact: Amy Siskind is a grifter.

Amy was an ‘08 Clinton voter and a PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) in 2008 and voted for McCain because he picked Sarah Palin as his VP. She trashed President Obama for 8 years and begged Palin to run against him, because she’s great at holding grudges.

When Palin didn’t run in 2012, Amy supported Michele Bachmann and then Newt Gingrich, all because they received support from Sarah Palin.

When they lost because they were terrible, Amy supported Mitt Romney and is rumored to have voted Romney/Ryan.

The worst thing about this, aside from the politics of the people she supported only because she hated the man that beat her preferred candidate in 2008, is that she refuses to explain herself and acts like she’s some progressive gatekeeper.

And if you question her? Blocked.

If Amy Siskind admitted that her #1 priority in politics is gender parity and that she will always support the woman in the race, regardless of party? She’d be being honest.

If she explained her past as a PUMA with an axe to grind? She’d be being honest.

But Amy is NOT honest about the fact that every minute after Hillary Clinton lost in 2008, Amy was waging war against President Obama and supporting ANY candidate that could take him down and out, all the while calling him sexist, weak, and pulling out the golfing card.

What Amy SHOULD do, since she now wants to act like she’s been a progressive Democrat this whole time and never played a part in the hell we’re all living in now, is own up to her past actions and explain that she now realizes how wrong she was and that she feels TERRIBLE for it.

Instead, she refuses to acknowledge her PUMA past, her support for blatant anti-woman candidates, and blocks anyone who mentions anything she said or did before 2016.

Probably because she doesn’t feel bad at all, she just knows her past would fuck up her #Resistance grift.

Throwback to Amy Siskind advocating for Sarah Palin to knock President Obama out of the White House.

Throwback to Amy Siskind, on Fox News in 2008, claiming that President Obama's race was used (to the disadvantage to the Democratic Party) in order to win him the nomination. That people didn't like him, they liked the idea of him. Because black.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avrm-DV67jU 

Listen. If Amy has truly changed and no longer believes any of the things that she believed from 2008-2012, then she should just come out and say it!

Part of evolving, especially as a public figure with influence, is explaining your evolution and showing that it's genuine.

It would be especially important for Amy to show that her evolution was genuine since she's selling a book and presumably making money off of being a Resistance™ hero. Instead of blocking people when they ask you about these things, explain yourself.

Things she also blocks people for: asking her to not be (accidentally or otherwise) transphobic. I know several other people who were blocked over the same thing.

My friend, @isteintraum, who helped me comb through Siskind's political history and find all of this: "It’s not that I cannot stand reformed Republicans. I cannot stand FRAUDS."

And at the end of the day, fraud is my biggest problem with Amy Siskind's Trump resistance.

I don't care if you used to be a Republican or if you still are, but oppose Trump. I care that you be honest about it instead of whitewashing your own history for attention and money.

I very much like @NicolleDWallace , who has been honest and upfront about her political affiliation, political past and the role she played in bringing Sarah Palin (and Trumpism via Palinism) into our lives. She has expressed remorse and guilt on numerous occasions. Has Amy? 🤔

For transparency: I was a "Republican" in high school (2008-9-2011, not counting my senior year of 2012). I put Republican in quotes because I only supported people because everyone around me supported them, and the area I grew up in is pretty politically conservative.

By 2012, I'd started paying attention to *policy* at the federal level and knew, at the age of 17, that President Obama was doing a good job and was a better choice than Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney. And I've only gotten more progressive since.

Bottom line: If you're going to take on a new role wherein you act like you've been a staunch progressive Democrat since you hopped out of the womb, so you get to tell everyone else what's what and sell a BOOK, you'd better acknowledge your political past and all of the gaps.

I understand where you're coming from, but check this: I'm not concerned in the slightest with people who read this thread and continue to support Amy. I will side-eye them, but that's their business, not mine.

But, as a black woman, EYE will not be supporting a white woman who waged a multi-year war against the first black president because he beat the white woman that she liked better. It's a no from me, 100%.

One last thing for the pile: Amy refusing to listen to corrections on her transphobic language. As mentioned above, anyone who called her out on this got blocked.

Screenshots courtesy of @cocokitty14. Thank you!

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