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Chinese bikeshare firm @Mobike developed a new eBike from the ground up built for the sharing-first world.

One of the goals with the design was to have an "inviting appeal, not scaring riders off with technology".

Here are a few highlights:

The bike has 3 pedal-assist levels. It also has a 'throttle-only' mode where users don't have to pedal. Why? It may be to attract new riders who don't like traditional bike.

Pedal-assist range: 70 KM
Throttle-only range: 30 KM
Top speed: 20 km/h

Other notable features:

- New copolymer foam tires developed with @DowChemical.
- A secure phone holder for navigation.
- One-hand adjustable seat.

As we have witnessed with other eBike operators, charging is an operational headache.

Mobike developed a smart charging unit for field swappable batteries that are monitored remotely. This approach is similar to the Gogoro smart energy system:  https://www.gogoro.com/smart-energy/ .

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