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Either way, huge win for Bannon. Once invited, he’d get either attention and legitimization OR attention and claim to victimization. I’d guess he’d prefer the latter, which is what he now has been gifted.

The battle before people isn’t over ideas, it’s over legitimization, attention and, crucially, state power. It’s great to debate “ideas” but that’s not what we’re doing here.

The battle—not the one for ideas since that’s not what’s happening here—was “lost” at the invite, and twice at the disinvite.

A lot of people seem to think they’re playing a game other than the one that is actually being played. Can’t win at baseball if you keep futilely looking for the end-zone, with the ball tucked under arm. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is actually a case in point in that he is now—WHO IS HE? Attention and alleged victimization is the oxygen—and state power is, well, the goal and where the power truly lies, but too complex for a tweet. There is not much of a battle-of-ideas going on here.

For broader context: I think The @NewYorker has published of amazing work—especially recently. My point is on how attention/legitimization dynamics work, and what people still miss. Then there is the festival vs publication bit. Still, I think it's one of the best pubs out there.

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