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stop forcing students
to present in front of the
class and give them a
choice not to

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hi, i just wanted to come on here and say that if you know nothing about anxiety, don’t reply with ignorant bullshit. if someone is too anxious to present in front of the class, they should be given a choice not to. mental health is important. it isn’t cured by “facing your fear”

if you’re someone who’s comfortable enough with public speaking, good for you. go right ahead. but if someone with severe anxiety would rather not to, they shouldn’t feel obliged to “step out of their comfort zone”. for me, it makes my anxiety worse. i start shaking and panicking

and it’s completely normal for someone who’s anxious. students should be given the option to present in front of just the teacher, so it’s not a huge audience of students that could make them nervous, uncomfortable, or even worse: cause them to have a panic attack during class.

and i’m saying this based off personal experiences, it’s not like i’m making shit up. an anxious presenter could cause them to throw off their eye contact or general oral presentation marks, and their grades could drop because they were too anxious. they may have the ability to +

present formally and they might have the potential to earn a high grade, but their anxiety might fuck everything up and ruin the entire presentation.
a student might also lose hours of sleep the night before because they’re overthinking about their oral presentation the next day.

so yeah, it is that deep for some students with anxiety. if your mental illness isn’t as bad, then you should be grateful, but just know that there are people out there who would feel much more comfortable finding another way to present their work.

i should also mention that by anxiety, i meant DIAGNOSED anxiety. if you have been told by a professional that you have anxiety, especially glossophobia, then this is who this tweet is talking about.

for everyone who’s been telling me that anxiety isn’t an excuse for not doing something just bc u don’t want to, here’s a few examples of the dms i’ve been receiving after i tweeted the original tweet.obviously people go through this shit all the time and these are only a few ppl

so please, don’t reply to this with some ignorant bullshit that may trigger someone. if you want to prove a point against me, go ahead and dm me.


alright, i’m turning off my dms for a while. i’ve been getting about 40 dm requests every hour since this blew up, and as much as i love hearing your stories and your experiences, it’s way too much lmao.
i hope you guys don’t mind. i’ll turn on my dms as soon as this dies down.

here’s another story i thought i’d share from one of my followers. it’s such an inspiration and to everyone who’s been giving me backlash for my original tweet, take the time to read this and stop being so ignorant on the subject of anxiety. thanks again for your support ily :)

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